FOR OUR LOCAL, NORTHERN CALIFORNIAN GARDENING FRIENDS (El Dorado County and Surroundings): We are updating our website to accept pick up orders. Orders may be picked up at local farmer's markets, our farm and other locations to be determined. We hope to be up and running in January 2021. Our plants will be available at local farmstands, co-ops and farmer's markets. 2021 schedule is in the works.

All is calm, All is bright

The short days of winter allow us to recover, rest and reenergize for the new season. Happy holidays!

Dear Gardening Friends,

What a year it has been! Oh 2020, a year where health and wellness continue to be of the utmost importance. We thank you, our dear friends; in striving to attain and maintain these ideals in the midst of a challenging landscape. This year, the demand for organic seeds and plants was unprecedented and can only offer hope for a sustainable future. Growing your own food, supporting ecologically-minded producers and caring for and sharing with those around you are just a few of the many ways we have all come together. 

Our hearts are full, knowing your commitment to health and wellness, and in turn, we must honor our commitment. Andrew, my life and business partner, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer three years ago, shortly after we took ownership of The Natural Gardening Company. Running the business has been rewarding in so many ways, keeping us physically active and mentally engaged and allowing us to create a healthy lifestyle while stewarding the land. However, the disease has progressed and we have reevaluated our priorities, taking one day at a time. We are so thankful for these opportunities! 

The decision to change our business model did not come lightly as we love what we do and appreciate all of our gardening friends. We will not be producing a catalog, print or electronic, for 2021. We will not be offering seeds, nor vegetable, herb or flower plants for the mail-order market. We plan to continue production of organic strawberry and lavender seedlings and all information for ordering and availability will be on our website.

We have a great community of gardeners and farmers in our locale and we were elated to receive such a warm welcome at farmer’s markets and farm stands. You will continue to find our plants throughout the community and we are updating our website to allow for local pickup.

Thank you gardening friends! We have enjoyed working with each and every one of you and now we must turn our attention to our health and wellness. Stay safe and be well! 

With Gratitude, 

Andrew and Jen

Changes for the 2022 season

We will not be producing a 2022 catalog.

We will no longer be offering seeds nor vegetable, herb or flower plants for the mail-order market.

We plan to continue with organic strawberry and lavender seedling production. All availability and ordering will be through our website. Commercial and market growers, please contact us via email with any questions or to pre-order plants or plug trays.