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Baby Bear (PVP) ~ $ 2.95

Cucumis pepo : This All-America Selection produces 1-1/2 - 2-1/2 lb. fruits with thick orange skin and bright orange flesh excellent for cooking. Approximately 5 inches in diameter and 3-4" high, they are a nice size and weight for children. The hulless seeds can be baked or eaten raw; their taste resembles that of cashew nuts. Prolific, each trailing plant produces approximately five fruits. The vines are tolerant to fusarium and gummy stem blight. Stores well for up to four months. 100 days.

Casper Pumpkin (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This very pretty white skinned pumpkin is both ornamental and edible. The fruits are 8-12" in diameter and weigh from ten to 16 lbs. The white skin has less blue in it than many other white pumpkins. The inner flesh is orange and sweet. 90 days.

Dill's Atlantic Giant (OG) ~ $ 3.50

The "Big Kahouna" of all pumpkin varieties, producing yearly world records for size since 1979. Atlantic Giant pumpkins often weigh 400 lbs. or more. Developed in Nova Scotia, these open-pollinated giants have yellow-to-orange flesh, medium orange shells and wide ribs. 15 seeds. 125 days.

Howden Pumpkin (OG) ~ $ 2.50

If you're looking for a classic Jack O'Lantern pumpkin, Howden is the best. It was developed to have a large, flat surface for carving. Howden pumpkins weigh 20 lbs. or more, and boast sturdy handles, dark orange flesh, and ribbed exteriors. 115 days. 15-20 seeds.

Jarrahdale Pumpkin (OG) ~ $ 2.75

Jarrahdale is a dramatically beautiful variety of pumpkin from New Zealand. The skin is a dramatic slate gray or blue, ribbed, on fruits that are 10" x 12" and weigh about 9 lbs. The flesh is delicious and similar to that of Waltham Butternut. Jarrahdale fruits also make an eye catching fall display. Stores well. 100 days. Heirloom. 15-20 seeds.

Knuckle Head (F1) ~ $ 3.45

Knuckle Head's vivid orange color and spectacular warts will make it the centerpiece for your fall celebrations. 12" tall x 10" wide. 12 - 16 lb. Average fruits per plant: two. 105 days.

Long Island Cheese (OG) ~ $ 2.75

Grown by many generations of farmers and gardeners in the New York area, Long Island Cheese has the size, shape, and appearance of a wheel of cheese. The buff colored pumpkins are 6-10 lbs., and make great autumnal displays. The flesh is fine textured and deliciously sweet. Average two pumpkins per plant. 100 days.

Magic Wand (F1) ~ $ 3.75

Utterly classic, Magic Wand is a dark orange pumpkin that defines the mid-sized pumpkin class. Medium sized and round to slightly flat, the pumpkins are 13" x 13" and weigh 15-25 lb. The handles are large and firmly rooted, and serve as an important design element of the overall appearance of these very fine pumpkins. The plants are vigorous, powdery mildew resistant and produce pumpkins that are uniform in size and shape. Average two per plant. 95-100 days. 10 seeds.

Miniature Mix Pumpkin (F1) ~ $ 2.50

This festive mix includes seeds for three miniature ornamental pumpkin varieties: Hooligan, Gooligan and Bumpkin. The pumpkins are small enough for tabletop display and decorative enough to stand out in any location. The fruits range in size from 2-1/2" to 5" in diameter. 90-100 days.

Musque de Provence (OG) ~ $ 2.75

Identified with the south of France, Musque de Provence pumpkins are flat and deeply lobed with a mottled tan and green exterior. The flesh is used for cooking, but the highly decorative fruits are also great fall ornaments. Average weight: 8-14 lb. Approximately 4-5" tall and 10-14" wide. Stores extremely well.

Phat Jack (F1) ~ $ 4.25

Phat Jack weighs 50+ lbs., large enough to impress, but not so large that you can't move it from field to a more prominent location. Better still, it has classic Jack-O-Lantern coloring and shape, an improvement over many over-sized pumpkins. The handles are spectacular; thick, with visible veins that grow into the pumpkin. If you're looking for a large pumpkin, Phat Jack is a practical selection with great looks. 15 seeds per packet. 125 days.

Rouge Vif d'Etampes Pumpkin (OG) ~ $ 2.50

This is the famed Cinderella pumpkin from France. It forms a beautiful orange-red, flattened oval fruit with deep orange flesh. It's the icing on the cake for your fall display and makes a pie so rich in flavor there are never leftovers. 115 days. 15-20 seeds.

Small Sugar Pie Pumpkin (OG) ~ $ 2.50

Also known as New England Pie, this is the best of the mini-Jack O'Lantern types for cooking. The deeply colored orange flesh is sweet and virtually stringless; the skin is dark orange and smooth. The pumpkins average about 6 lbs. and are 7" to 8" in diameter with a flattened shape. 110 days. Open pollinated. 15-20 seeds/ pkt.

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