The Natural Gardening Drip Irrigation System


  Drip Irrigation Set-up
Drip Irrigation Overview
Drip irrigation is better for plants, saves water, and is a vacation for you. Plants watered by drip irrigation grow larger and healthier because they are spared the stress caused by the dry-wet cycles of overhead watering. Yields can increase by as much as 84%. Even where it rains in the summer, production, bloom, and foliage growth can rise by 30% to 50%. The slow, deep penetration of dripping water sends moisture to the roots of your plants without waste or run-off. This precise and direct watering saves up to 50% more water over conventional methods. Drip irrigation also saves you countless hours of time because drip systems can be operated by a simple twist of your tap's on-off valve or a completely automatic water computer so you need not even be present to water your garden.

Our Drip Irrigation Systems works well for:
  • Vegetables or flowers
  • Rows or beds
  • Trees, shrubs, or hedgerows
  • Flat areas or slopes
  • New lawns
  • Long,narrow areas that cannot be served with sprinklers
  • Large gardens, including estate and farms
  • Small raised bed gardens

Advantages of our Emitter Tubing
At the heart of the system are highly-engineered, self-flushing emitters that virtually never clog, even when buried underground.

Easy Installation:
Most drip systems require a laborious and overly complicated installation process with clamps, emitters, and spaghetti tubing - aptly named, because of the tangled mess it can become. Once installed, there are exposed parts which can, and do, snag or break. The tubing or drip lines for systems come with the emitters already neatly embedded inside. There is no spaghetti tubing, and no tools are required other than a knife or heavy scissors. All you need to do is screw the Master Unit onto your faucet, connect it with a length of hose to your drip lines, lay them out, turn on your tap, and enjoy the results.

Unique Emitter Tubing:
Tubing with pre-installed emitters is an important advance in drip irrigation because it saves you time, effort, and aggravation, and it irrigates better. It was developed based on the latest horticultural knowledge showing that plants grow best when the soil around them is evenly watered, not when each plant is treated as an island. The Natural Gardening System's emitter tubing spaces emitters at 6 or 12 inch intervals depending on your choice os system, thus offering an intelligent improvement over other systems which direct you to install one or more emitters at each plant. Its specially designed emitters are virtually clog-proof. They are also pressure compensated and contain check valves, to deliver absolutely equal amounts of water. As a final bonus the tubing is brown for camouflage on surface applications.

A Pre-Assembled Master Unit:
The Master Unit is a unique feature of our System. It contains the components essential to give you all the advantages a drip system can provide: a backflow preventer to keep contaminants out of your household water; a filter to keep emitters from clogging; and a pressure regulator for proper flow of water from your tap into the drip system. All components used in the Master Unit are top-of-the-line. Because they are pre-assembled in one compact unit, you need only attach the unit to your faucet.

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