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Alpine Strawberry Plant "Mignonette" (OG) ~ $ 3.75

Fragaria vesca : This hard-to-find variety of strawberry produces tapered, fragrant, gem-like berries from early summer through fall. Decorative and easy to care for, Alpine Strawberries stay compact, making them an ideal choice for pathways, rock gardens, window boxes, and containers. We ship well-rooted seedlings that will bear fruit this year, and recommend a minimum of six seedlings for a beginning collection. Each plant may be divided into 2 or 3 after its first year in your garden. Full sun or partial shade; zones 5-8.

Elan Strawberry Plants (F1, OG) ~ $ 3.25

Bred for fresh market growers, Elan is an ever-bearing seed-grown variety with an attractive conical shape, shiny red color and delicious sweet flavor. In addition to high sugar levels, Elan has 30-50% higher levels of vitamin C than other ever-bearing varieties. The fruits are large, averaging 1-3/4” long, borne on sturdy trusses. They separate easily from the calyx which facilitates picking. Fruit production reaches high levels, with yields in the open of field of up to 1.75 lb. per plant and in greenhouse production of up to 3.3 lb.

Sarian Strawberry Plants (F1, OG) ~ $ 2.95

Sarian produces delicious, firm, small to medium sized berries the first season, with a harvest period that lasts from late June until first frost. We produce Sarian on the premises, growing from seed instead of from tissue culture. Sarian is winter hardy although plants should be protected with mulch in locations with severe conditions. Powdery mildew and fruit rot tolerant.

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